Windows 7/8 are good Operating Systems compared to Windows Vista and XP. They have improvements in lot of areas including network.
Even though you still might find that it can be slow.
These 6 easy ways will help to solve slow Windows 7 network problem and make it fast.

1) Disable Autotuning

Disabling auto tuning will help much on DNS lookup and network discovery. It also improves the data transfer speed over the network.

Start command prompt as administrator, and follow the commands as shown in below example.

Windows 7 Network slow

2) Remove RDC ( Remote Differential Compression)

This feature introduced with Windows Vista, was made to transfer data over network in compressed format. The same RDC feature continued in Windows 7 also.
You can remove this RDC (Remote Differential Compression) in windows 7 by visiting control panel and programs and features. Click on ‘Turn Windows features on or off’, as shown below.

Windows 7 Network slow

3) Remove IPv6 from network properties.

If your internal or external network do not require IPv6 protocol (and in way over 90% you really dont), you better remove it under network connection properties.
Keeping IPv6 in your computer sometimes slows down network by trying to register IPv6 addresses, or trying to get IPv6 address, or trying to resolve IPv6. Better remove it if it’s not required.

4) Clear DNS Cache

You can remove any DNS cache from computer, so next time DNS request will be solved by updated DNS server. This will avoid your computer to try broken or changed DNS records from cache.
To clear DNS cache, open command prompt as administrator and type ipconfig /flushdns

5) Disable Wireless Network and any additional (including Virtual adapters) network adapters.

If you will not be using wireless network or it’s your secondary network, I recommend you to disable wireless network in windows 7 under network connection.
If it’s enabled, windows 7 computer will be trying to connect available wireless network around you, and trying to login though its network.
Also loading your profiles and start up programs will be slow while booting because of this.

6) Modifying Link Speed & Duplex Value in Network adapter Properties.

This step also helps sometimes when you face problem with slow network in windows 7.
I can’t say which option will work best for you, because it depends on your physical network setup (network adapter, cable type, LAN speed and network switch).
By default it is set for Auto Negotiation. But you can play around with Value options and find out settings are best for your computer and network.

Windows 7 Network slow

I’m sure above steps will help to solve windows 7 network slow. Feel free to suggest any additional steps you did to solve windows 7 network slow, or problems you face to fix it.